About Us

ROGOTECH is a Digital Currency Firm in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands committed to Safekeeping, Cold Storage and Trading. Our services provide around the clock protection and security of digital assets and additional encrypted systems. ROGOTECH maintains security mechanisms and strong underlying architectures. By virtue of the decentralized asset custody and clearing technology, ROGOTECH effectively eliminates the disadvantages of emergency directives and basic literacy in the rapidly changing currency and financial methods trend.

ROGOTECH team consists of Entrepreneurs, tech savvy, trained talents from the growing industry trend of Crypto Currency and all digital currency, including diversified individuals in the e-commerce and social contact sector. We keep exploring and strive to provide the best integrated digital asset services to customers in the CNMI, aimed to provide the most secure and efficient service.

ROGOTECH continues to focus on the incremental market, combine localized services with user accumulation as our team continues to deepen the research and implementation development of the financial derivatives market, research and exploring high-quality security in Safekeeping, Cold storage and Trading digital currency carrying out multi-dimensional and integrated risk control, and boost the community’s security and knowledge of the currency change and our services.

ROGOTECH intends to achieve in providing service in understanding the rapid change of our current currency situation that is a growing issue of concern and rapid implementation in random places. Our island’s biggest concern is what happens when we cannot use our dollar, our paper money. This change will cause our community great hardship due to the lack of understanding and knowledge to what this change means in our lives and the toll it will have on a of us, but most especially to those who are illiterate and skeptical at the impact this change will have. This is why ROGOTECH is here today. To share in our experiences, understanding and knowledge of this new trend that will affect everyone’s financial future. We are service providers who will work hard to help you prepare for that coming of new order in our financial methods of currency change. We offer Crypto and Digital Currency Safekeeping, Cold Storage and Trading where we guide customers through the simplest ways to prepare them for this change. If our customers’ have zero knowledge of Digital Currency and the impact it will cause, we are here to make it as basic and in simple terms in explaining the preparation should a directive in the change of transactions of our current currency. Should such emergency or changing trend arrives, our customers will adapt and conform accordingly and in a balanced manner and not of anxiety. ROGOTECH has a goal and its’ goal is to prepare the people of the CNMI into the New World, the New Financial Era of Currency and its’ methods.